Denis Speranskiy

Infrastructure Engineer
  • DevOps advocate
  • I'm passionate about IT for almost 10 years now. My best strength in my opinion is extensive problem solving experience. On the previous projects I was in different positions from so called Deployment Engineer to Team Lead with 2 engineers in charge. One project I was working with was a Video Monitoring service. Lots of video cameras installed around a city. Lots problems to solve. On another project I was working with a IoT platform, which aimed to allow customers to integrate different types of devices and equipment and have it landed under one UI. Lots of on-premise deployments based in VM and cloud providers. For both projects I was developing and supporting unified platform for developers, QA and support teams, which was aimed to get everything as transparent as possible. I like debugging and figuring out complex algorythms and systems. I don't like to develop complex algorythms though and would like to keep everything as simple as possible.
  • Languages: English, Russian
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 7 years professional experience
Team Lead
Senior Infrastructure Engineer
2021 Present
Work Experience
Senior Infrastructure Engineer Apr 2023 - Present
  • Infrastructure management for a provider of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management software solutions. Pipelines, AWS configuration, Infrastructure code optimizations, cost optimizations. Planning migration from EC2 to EKS. CI/CD tool upgrades and migration from one server to another. AWS EC2 CloudFront CloudFlare CodeDeploy Teamcity Terraform Packer
Team Lead Jul 2018 - Mar 2023
IoT and Video products
  • Universal deployment platrom has been developed from ground up. The system is equally being used as source of devs and test environments and on customers' sites for production use. It abstracted away underlying infrastructure and deployment process of different types services (docker, Windows Services, systemd units) and provided devs, qa and business teams a simple UI to deploy and test their services not carrying about where and how ones are being deployed. Jenkins Artifactory Terraform Ansible Gitea Python Packer
  • Linux and Windows servers fleet management and support using ansible (around 200 VMs); Ansible NFS DNS Traefik
  • Infrastructure configuration moved to IaaC Terraform Packer VMWare Ansible Docker Swarm Kubernetes GitOps
  • Version and release control system. It utilizes automatic tagging using semantic versioning based on conventional commits, automated changelogs gathering and notifications when a new app version is available. It provided a transparent way how environmets are being updated and managed. It removed burden from devs to carry about dedicated git branches to keep envs updated. Git Python Confluence Jenkins Slack Mattermost
  • Migration to selfhosted Kubernetes Cluster using GitOps methodology. In order to utilize Kubernetes benefits in our closed infrastructure I deployed Talos-based Kubernetes cluster on top of VMWare and wrote an LDAP integration service for seemless authorization for our teams. Kubernetes VMWare GitOps ArgoCD Kustomize Helm Talos Go
  • For implementing public available multitenancy installation of our product I designed and created an YandexCloud based infrastrucure utilizing managed solutions where possible for cost optimizations. The main challenge was to support several VPN tunnels and network configurations in order for clients to gain access from the cloud to their infrastructure. YandexCloud Terraform Packer Networking S3
Trainings and Certifications
Earners of this designation demonstrated the skills, knowledge and competencies to perform the responsibilities of a Kubernetes Administrator. Earners demonstrated proficiency in Application Lifecycle Management, Installation, Configuration & Validation, Core Concepts, Networking, Scheduling, Security, Cluster Maintenance, Logging / Monitoring, Storage, and Troubleshooting
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