Ethan Reynolds

Junior Full Stack Software Developer
Driven and enthusiastic programmer with a background in quality control. Seeking to put the analytical insights gained from my career in nuclear inspections, and the problem solving skills acquired from studying coding and algorithms to work as a software developer.
SpringJavaSQLHTMLCSSJavaScriptIntelliJGitUnit Testing (JUnit)Python
Pittsburgh Pa 0 years professional experience
Nondestructive Inspector
Junior Software Developer
Nondestructive Inspector
2022 Present
Work Experience
Junior Software Developer Sep 2022 - Present
Nondestructive Inspector Mar 2020 - Apr 2022
Curtiss Wright
Nondestructive Inspector Nov 2016 - Nov 2021
Certificate May 2022 - Aug 2022
Tech Elevator Pittsburgh
Spring Boot Java PostgreSQL HTML CSS JavaScript IntelliJ Git Unit Testing (JUnit) JSON Vue.js Responsive Design Python Selenium
Side Projects
Rally Metric Analysis 2023
Python program designed to allow users to view iteration and developer velocity data parsed from the Rally api. This program uses a Python back end and React front end to allow users to view data Rally does not provide in its UI
Tenmo Money Transfer 2022
Java program designed to allow registered users to send and request monetary transfers between other users. This program implements the principles of Object Oriented Programing, while also utilizing the Spring Boot framework, Integration testing, Git version control, Postman, Restful APIs, PostgreSQL, and MVC design.
Rental Property Manager 2022
A web based application that allowed users the ability to manage, rent, or track maintenance on rental properties. The front end was done through Vue.js, and the back end was made using Java, Spring Boot, JUnit, and PostgreSQL.
Chicago Art Exhibit 2022
Java command line program that allows a user to search a database of the current contents of the Chicago Art institute, then automatically view it in their browser. This program utilizes the principles of Object Oriented Programing, Spring, Restful APIs, Git version control, PostgreSQL, and MVC design.
World Happiness Analysis 2022
Java program made to format data from the World Happiness Report to fit into a database in order to perform simple analysis. The program utilizes the principles of Object Oriented Programming, Spring, PostgreSQL, and integration testing
Back End
Front End